Bassline WinPopUp

Bassline WinPopUp 5.27

Rich featured Winpopup replacer. It lets you send a message to multiple recipients. Send Email, File

Rich featured Winpopup replacer which lets you send short message,
email or files/directories to multiple recipients at the same time.
File/Directory transfer, Group chat, Secure encryption, Alias,
Pre-defined group/message invoked by global hotkey,
Browse the network seeing users' status - address book is unnecessary,
Send Email using SMTP, Resend undelivered message via email,
Manage and restore messages sent or recieved,
Hyperlink to URL/File path, Auto-Reply, Ignore, Relay,
Reply, Reply to all or Forward with a quote of received messages,
Log file of messages, Save important message into one file in desktop,
Print, Sound at the new meesage, Hides to tray-area when not in use...

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